Archives for May 2011

Jeff’s Daily Post – Back in the Groove

Yesterday marked the end of our mini-vacation in Wildwood, NJ, we really had a great time.  I was happy that I had the chance to get in two good runs while I was there.  Back in the groove and back on the treadmill this morning.  I’m in a good mental running state right now.  I […]

Tamara’s Daily Post – Sorry Treadmill…

Short 3 mile run for me today, I needed time to do a leg and ab workout. It really was hard getting on the ole treadmill too, I sure don’t miss it when I am on vacation. I dreaded it this morning and cursed it a few times…yeah, that didn’t make it any easier. But […]

Tamara’s Daily Post – Me and the Waves…

When the alarm went off this morning I was so glad that Jeff was running first! I fell right back to sleep…ahhhh! After he ran 10 miles, it was my turn. I headed back down to the beach. There was less activity this morning, it seemed as if people were anxious to get back home…not […]

Jeff’s Daily Post – Is anybody up?

Today is our last day in Wildwood Crest, NJ. We have had a great time. Yesterday, we went to Cape May, NJ. We spent the morning at Sunset Beach and most of the afternoon touring the town. Cape May is just beautiful, full of little shops and incredible beachfront homes. I think if we came […]

Tamara’s Daily Post – Beach Run!

It was my turn to head out for a run this morning and I was thrilled!! Jeff showed me his running route from yesterday and I thought it would be cool to run on the boardwalk. I walked through the sand down to the hard packed sand and started my run. I have run on […]