Archives for May 2011

Jeff’s Daily Post – Sometimes I’m motivated by my after run treat!

Better start this morning – Only hit the snooze once an improvement from the double snooze yesterday.  I wasn’t sure how many miles I would go today so I decided I would just see how I felt.  Most days my goal is to get in at least 6 miles and then decide at mile 6 […]

Tamara’s Daily Post – Oprah for President!!

I wasn’t feeling very motivated this morning for my run. As I slowly got ready I even further procrastinated by refreshing my email waiting for my morning email from Jeff. Hmmmm…maybe he slept in? I quickly dismissed that thought, that is a near impossible feat for him! I continued avoiding my run by scrolling through […]

Jeff’s Daily Post – Failure to Launch – Almost…

Strange morning – My alarm is set for 4:20 – Getting up at this time allows me enough time to eat (I like to eat breakfast before I run – oatmeal and a big glass of chocolate milk – Tamara has no idea how I can run after drinking all that milk but it just […]

Jeff’s Daily Post – Back in the Groove

Oh Monday – Not my favorite day of the week but I was happy to be back to my normal routine (I like a routine) after being on travel last week and I was happy to be back on my treadmill – kinda like reuniting with an old friend. It felt good to run a […]

Tamara’s Daily Post – Monday…Again??

The weekend was wonderful, makes Monday morning so much harder. I wasn’t going to run today, changed my mind when my dogs got me up at 4:15am. I ran 4, wasn’t as bad as I thought. Especially since I got to watch the season finale of Hellcats…another one of my teenage shows! And…I am only […]