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Jeff’s Daily Post – Back in sync but out of time!

The calibration on my Garmin seemed to work yesterday so now I’m back in sync with the treadmill – Yeah!  I ran 9.25 miles this morning – very happy with that.  My goal this morning was 6.5 but once I got there I felt good so I just kept running setting my goal just a […]

MIA – Tamara’s Update

Yeah, it’s like I’m missing in action from the blog – couple of reasons – not running and not enough time! After riding my bike on the trainer Monday and Tuesday, I decided to try running this morning – not such a great idea…my leg hurt instantly. I slowed it way down and managed 1 […]

Jeff’s Daily Post – Time to Calibrate!

6.5 miles this morning – I’m happy with that and happy that I’ve almost exceeded my mileage from last week and it is only Wednesday.  I think I’m going to try to stick with 40 miles a week for a while and see how that goes.  I really would like to break 200 miles for […]

Jeff’s Daily Post – 8.5 on a Tuesday

I had another good run this morning – not as easy as yesterday(I don’t expect the runs to be that easy).  I’m hoping to pick up my mileage a bit this week (I was under 30 miles each of the past two weeks) but I’m still dealing with my foot.  It feels much better but […]

Jeff’s Daily Post – 40 and Strong!

I’m two days into 40 and so far so good J.  I was happy with my 5k run on Saturday and this morning I ran 11 strong miles on the treadmill.  It was one of those mornings where the only thing that stopped me was time.  I had about 4 pieces of birthday cake yesterday.  […]