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Tamara’s Jungle Jim 5K Race Report

We are back from the beach – ugh – back to reality… As you saw, we did very well at the Jungle Jim 5K as posted by Jeff. I would definitely do this race again! I was, as usual, a nervous wreck (.com) as we arrived at the race site. I tried my typical procrastinating […]

And We Take Home Two Trophies!!

Yeah!! –  A more in depth report to follow in the next few days but Tamara and I were thrilled to take home two 3rd Place Trophies in the same age group at the 7th Annual Jungle Jim’s 5K!.   Now off to continue my birthday celebration!  

Tamara’s Pre-Race Post

Here we are…0630 on Jeff’s 40th birthday and we are in the car on the way to a 5K. Ugh! He is singing and smiling! Me, not so much…it takes me longer to get motivated. We are having a great time here in Rehoboth Beach – nice beach town. We went to an outdoor concert […]

Jeff’s Daily Post – My last run in my 30’s!

This morning I had my last run in my 30’s.  Tomorrow I enter a new age group.  I’ve only recently (in the last year and a half) discovered the joy of running.  A few times during my run this morning I couldn’t help but think what would things be like if I discovered running in […]

Tamara’s Injury Update

I miss running…haven’t run since B10. I tried yesterday on my treadmill, but only took a few steps then decided to ride my bike on the trainer. My leg just doesn’t feel right yet and I am worried about making it worse by running on it. We are headed on a weekend trip for Jeff’s […]