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Jeff’s Daily Post – Hope this will be over soon!

I’m off work for the next few days so I get to run outside – yeah – I think!  I went out bright and early this morning (5:30am) so I could get my sunrise outdoor run in.  The first thing I notice is wow it is humid outside.  I guess that is one benefit of […]

Jeff’s Daily Post – Mind over Body!

A tough 6.5 miles on the treadmill this morning.  I’m always saying to myself “Strong Mind + Strong Body = Strong Runner”.  I typically think that I’m training my body on all of my runs (90% of which are on the treadmill in the 5:00am hour) but I also know that all of those runs […]

Jeff’s Daily Post – Back with a friend!

I was so happy to be back with my friend (my treadmill) this morning.  Prior to last week I was running just about everyday.  I’m glad I took some time off but to be honest I’m not a fan of time off.  I like a routine and running everyday is my routine!  My goal this […]

Tamara’s Baltimore 10 Miler Race Report

Well, it’s about time I’m finding some time (making some time) to give my B10 race report! I was glad Jeff posted his report before mine – and still wondering why he left out some very interesting information?! When Jeff’s alarm (note – I did not set an alarm!) went off on Saturday morning, I […]

Jeff’s Daily Post – Baltimore 10 Miler Recap

I was dealing with some stomach issues yesterday and I still don’t feel 100% this morning so no run for me today but don’t worry I will be hitting it hard tomorrow!  I thought I would take the time to give a recap of the Baltimore 10 Miler Tamara and I ran on Saturday. As […]