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Running Late!

I was anxious to run 8 or 9 miles this morning…but Jeff will tell you I must have been more interested in sleeping in! Yeah, it was my laziness that caused us to begin our run so late this morning…7:15! Any runner would agree…in the heat…if you plan to run more then a few miles, […]

Jeff’s Post – Looking Back at July

Tamara and I were talking this morning about running stats and numbers.  This was brought up when I started reading her my July running summary that I was about to post on Facebook.  I’m certain if there was a “puke” button on Facebook I would receive it pretty regularly.  I’m also pretty sure I’m motivating […]

Jeff’s Daily Post – Back to Normal

After 5 glorious days of running at the beach I was back home and back on the treadmill this morning. I ran an easy 8.5 miles.  Short post this morning – I’m running late for run but I promise more vacation stories coming soon! Have a great day!  

Jeff’s Post – Love Boardwalk Runs!

I’ve mentioned it a few times before but I love running on the boardwalk.   We are still in Ocean City, Maryland and for the second morning in a row I went for a nice relaxing run on the boardwalk.  Yesterday mom offered to come watch Samantha in the morning so we could run.  I love […]

2 Beach Runs Down!

7/25 Run – After taking off Sunday, I was ready to get my longest run of the week in on Monday. I was so happy and thankful that Jeff’s Mom was up for sitting with Sam while Jeff and I went for an early run yesterday. We left the hotel at 6am and hit the OC boardwalk. […]