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Jeff’s Daily Post – 62.5 Miles this week – A new record for me!

This was the first weekend in a while that we haven’t had a race and although I really enjoy the races I also enjoy a nice relaxing run on a Saturday.  I had two really good runs this weekend and they pushed me to a new weekly mileage record of 62.5 miles.  Saturday was my […]

Tamara’s Daily Post – Something is Better then Nothing

I ran 2 miles on the treadmill this morning and then walked 1 mile. Dull ache in my leg after the first mile, just achy…not painful. Wondering how far I could push it. I ran slow again…but figured it was better then nothing…and my mind needed it. I am missing outside running and just think […]

Tamara’s Daily Post – Giddy!

Sticking to my plan – I set out to run a mile this morning again. So glad I got another movie to watch, it’s “What a Girl Wants” – not a very exciting movie, but cute and a nice distraction. I started my run at a 12:00 pace, that’s right…almost 5:00 a mile slower then […]

Jeff’s Daily Post – Goodbye June – Bring on July!

Happy Friday – Today’s run a strong 6.5 miles! June was a good month for me.  I dealt with my first minor injury (my foot) so I reduced my mileage some compared to May but I was still very happy with the month and my foot is getting better every day.  I’m going to try […]