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Wish My Bathroom was Closer…

I know this post is probably tmi…but…it was what I was thinking for 5 miles this morning on my treadmill. Like Jeff mentioned, we didn’t eat the greatest on vacation…but that is part of the fun. And I finished my bad eating habits last night by devouring a huge Maine whoppie pie that must have […]

Jeff’s Daily Post – Back to Business!

Today is back to school day for many and as I was running this morning I was thinking today was back to business for me.  Back to work and back from my summer of vacation runs.  I loved running in Maine last week but I was happy to be back on the treadmill this morning.  […]

Jeff’s Maine Recap 72 Miles Running – 2000 miles Driving!

Just got back from Maine late last night.  I really enjoyed my first visit to this beautiful part of the country.  I was thrilled to be able to get in 72 miles for the week (and 4 runs with Tamara – yeah!).  I wasn’t really expecting to but I ran all 7 days we were […]

Cadillac Mountain – Bar Harbor – Beautiful!

Thought I would share a few pics we took the last couple days.  Next time I’m taking my running gear so I can run in Bar Harbor and I would love to give a run up Cadillac Mountain a try!               Jeff and Tamara Cadillac Mountain       […]

Fog and Dead Frogs..

Rewind to yesterday…we are still on vacation in Maine – went to Acadia National Park and got some great pictures up on Cadalliac Mountain! Last night – hit the casino in Bangor – we lost our small limit quickly…my sister’s hubby was winning. Took til past 10:30pm to get them out of the casino – ugh…we […]