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Pictures that make me smile!

Short post – 6.5 treadmill miles this morning – 18 days away from Baltimore.  I’m thinking I will run another 6.5 tomorrow and then around 13 on Saturday.  I really want to focus on my pace on Saturday and try to get a fast run in. Thought I would share a few pictures that make […]

Jeff’s Post – My Treadmill – My Friend!

I’ve read many posts and articles where people talk about their hate for the treadmill.  I may be in the minority but I absolutely love my treadmill.  My number one preference would be to run outside but during the week that is difficult for me and the treadmill is my friend.  I’m fortunate that I […]

Jeff’s Post – Taper and Lift!

I’m into my taper stage for the marathon and I will be honest I’m not really sure I like this whole taper thing.  I do plan on reducing my mileage over the next few weeks but I’m not sure how much yet.  My right foot has been hurting a little so I guess my sore […]

Jeff’s Post – 22 Mile Cul De Sac Open!

21 Days until I marathon.  I don’t like to wish time away but I’m ready for the day to get here.  I’m excited and aside from a right foot that is a little sore I feel good.  I’ve had three really good long runs 18, 21, and 22 miles.  I plan to taper my long […]

I HATE Running Every Other Day! (Tamara’s Post)

It’s not enough for me, or should I say – it’s not enough for my BRAIN! Yeah, physically I feel worse when I am not running as much and think I look worse too – seems like I lose my runner’s shape quickly and just turn into a skinny woman with a 12 year old body. […]