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Hey Tamara – Runner’s World Just Contacted Me!

So Tamara and I were having one of those days at work yesterday and I decided to lighten the mood a bit.  I couldn’t do this in person (cause I would start laughing) so when she was out at an appointment I sent her a text message telling her that Runner’s World contacted me.  I […]

Tamara’s Post – Love This Feeling!

When I woke up this morning after about 5 1/2 hours of sleep, I knew I needed a good run to make me feel better and to wake me up. Something only a runner would understand. I got on the treadmill around 4:50am and got my 5 miles in before most people are out of […]

Jeff’s Post – 26.2 Done – What’s Next?????

I didn’t start running to run a marathon and a marathon was never one of those things on my bucket list.  I started running to improve my level of fitness and very early on fell in love with the joy of running.  The marathon was just a natural progression that allowed me to push my […]

Post Marathon Thoughts!

It is starting to sink in a little that I’m a Marathoner (you can read my Marathon recap here).  Post Marathon, I continue to analyze my performance on Saturday.  I’m happy with my 3:58 time but really thought I could run a 3:30 (probably crazy for my first Marathon but that is what I was […]

Tamara’s Post – 5K (Diaper Derby)…Done! Marathon Cheerleader…Done!

Congratulations to Jeff on finishing his first marathon!  I know he wishes he had felt better and finished faster…but regardless of his time, his parents and I are extremely proud of his accomplishment! I was so happy to be there for him on race morning and throughout the race, but I should have planned it […]