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Tamara’s Post – Thankful for a Great Run!

I was bummed I couldn’t join Jeff on the 10 mile run this morning, but I was determined to get a run in later and was happy he could join me! As he has said, we do run so well together and I love the fact that if I just don’t talk he gets it […]

Jeff’s Post – Thanksgiving Double!

Today I started what I hope will be a new Thanksgiving tradition.  I started the morning meeting up with a group from our local running club for a “10 before Turkey” run.  This run has been going on for a few years but this was my first year participating.  You basically show up and run […]

Tamara’s Post – Building Confidence…

I wasn’t looking forward to our 13 mile run this morning – I woke up super-tired with a headache and was in a semi-foul mood…which was elevated when I somehow managed to slam my finger in the microwave door while heating up my oatmeal – ugh, it’s still sore! I was thristy, hungry, my stomach […]

Jeff’s Post – Weekend of Milestones – Sub 20 5k and 2000 Miles!

What a great weekend of running.  Seems like years since I ran my last marathon (hard to believe it was only last weekend) – but I recovered well and had a good running week and a weekend of milestones.  On Saturday I ran in my first 5k since June.  Tamara helps organize this event and […]

Jeff’s Post – Faster Friday!

Tomorrow, I’m running my first 5k since June.  It feels like I’ve done more races since then but when I look back there have only been three (a ½ Marathon and 2 Full Marathons).  I’m not a huge fan of the 5k.  I’m competitive so I tend to push myself so hard that I’m basically […]