Archives for November 2011

Tamara’s Post – Coolest Award Yet!

I was surprised to get an award in the mail today…and immediately thought it was for my 5th place age group finish at the Richmond 8k. I was even more surprised when Jeff pointed out it was from the Baltimore Running Festival 5K that I ran last month! Guess I should have read the plaque! […]

Jeff’s Post – Back to Running – Thoughts of Richmond!

I had a good treadmill run this morning – another 6 miles and my second run post marathon.  I still have a slight ache on the bottom of my right foot so I’m trying not to push it but I’m also trying to ramp my mileage up a little.  With back to back tapers it […]

Jeff’s Post – Recovery Run and Bragging for Tamara!

My legs were still a bit sore this morning and I’m also dealing with that bruised feeling on the ball of my right foot but I wanted to run and decided to jump on the treadmill and see how things went….and things went well.  I ran 6 miles and it felt good.  For the first […]

Jeff’s Post – Marathon # 1 Baltimore 3:58 – Marathon #2 Richmond 3:58

I still find it a bit freaky that I finished my two Marathons with the same time (actually Marathon #1 Baltimore was 20 seconds quicker).  Obviously, I wanted a better time for #2 but I’m still thrilled with what I have accomplished in such a short time.  I’m also ready for Marathon #3 but should […]

Jeff’s Post – Well I’m Consistent!

I will post a recap tomorrow but Marathon #2 is in the books.  My time 3:58 – same as Baltimore a month ago (Baltimore was a few seconds quicker).  So, I guess for the moment I’m a 3:58 Marathoner and I’m ok with that.  This Marathon was more fulfilling for me.  I pushed my mind […]