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Tamara’s Post – 2 Great Training Runs & NYC Marathon Inspiration

After 3 decent treadmill runs during the week, I was ready for a long run outside yesterday. Jeff & I decided to run from my house in the afternoon – but I was late getting back from Sam’s gymnastics class and got a text from Jeff that he was starting without me…can’t say as I […]

Jeff’s Post – Running the thin Line!

I’m 9 days away from Marathon #2 (Richmond) and 18 days post Marathon #1 (Baltimore) and I feel a little like I’m running a thin line. I love to run so the taper before the first marathon, recovery after and then another taper (or whatever you call it the 2nd time around) is driving me […]

Yep -I’m running another Marathon in two weeks – Hello Richmond!

Hello Richmond!  A few weeks ago I ran my first Marathon (Baltimore).  It was an incredible experience and I was thrilled to be a marathoner.  I was happy with my Baltimore run but deep down I wanted to do better.  For the first time in my brief racing history I struggled both mentally and physically.  […]

Jeff’s Post – Goodbye October – Hello November and 2000 miles!

October was a great running month for me. I finished my first Marathon (Baltimore). I do find it interesting that in the month I ran my longest race I had one of my lower monthly running totals (thanks taper!). I ran 24 times (5 outside – the rest on the treadmill) for 180 miles. So […]