Archives for December 2011

Jeff’s Post – Nice Pace!

For a very long time I have been posting a picture of my almost daily treadmill runs on facebook.  I know some find it annoying (they can choose not to be my facebook friend) but I find it motivating and I find that it keeps me honest.  I have also heard from many others that […]

Tamara’s Post – My iPod, My Crutch…

I was bummed I forgot my iPod this morning…but happy Jeff had an extra for me to borrow as we headed out for a short run…my happiness was short-lived. The earbuds kept popping out of my ears, ugh! I was missing my earbuds which are the yurbuds brand and I actually have had good luck […]

Jeff’s Post – Time With An Old Friend!

This morning I got to spend some time with an old friend.  Some may not consider a 4.8 mile loop a friend but I do!  This loop starts right out my front door and goes through a small winding country road (well traveled by Amish buggies) and ends with about a 3/4 mile incline.  I’ve […]

Jeff’s Post – Mind Games and Focus

It was so nice to get a decent run in this morning (7 treadmill miles) as I continue with my “Easy” December.  I find there are times when I’m enjoying the break but more often than not I’m missing the runs!  It’s interesting how “unfit” I feel after a few days off.  I realize it […]

Jeff’s Post – The 9 Mile Week – Huh? – Really??

Last week I achieved a mileage milestone – 9 miles!  My lowest weekly running total all year.  I’ve looked at that week a couple times in Garmin Connect thinking there has to be something stuck in my Garmin that didn’t transfer but no it really was 9 miles.  Part of this was planned and I […]