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Jeff’s Post – Weekend Recap – Cold and Fast with a Virtual AG Win!

I’m still missing the weekend long run but I have been content lately with reduced mileage at a faster pace.  So far in January, I’ve been averaging around 35 miles per week.  I will build up that mileage as our first ½ of the year – The Rock N Roll USA gets closer.  I was […]

Tamara’s Post – “Mommy, Can You…?”

Once again I didn’t get my lazy butt outta bed as early as I should have – after getting up at 4:35am every weekday morning, it’s just hard getting up early on the weekends (and my bed was mighty toasty!). So after resetting my alarm and waking up at 7am, I tried to be quiet – […]

Jeff’s Post – The Olympic Trials – Thank u Twitter!

I feel like I can’t catch up this week and I know I’m a few days behind but I wanted to take a moment to discuss the Olympic Trials.  I was disappointed that the trials were not going to be broadcast live (what is up with that NBC!) and I had vowed that I would […]

Jeff’s Post – Hello Point Lookout

Tamara and I continued our scenic running tour on Sunday morning with a cold (no freeezing!!) run through Point Lookout State Park.  We had a crazy headwind on the way out and an equally crazy tail wind on the way back so it all worked out.  We ran everywhere – on the roads, on a […]

Jeff’s Post – Hello Tall Timbers!

Tamara and I had the opportunity to run outside (together) twice over the weekend and we took advantage of it.  One of my goals for 2012 was to run more where I live.  It has really been fun visiting places that I have been many times but have never explored running – a completely different […]