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We have the Runs!

A big “Thank You” to Scott over at Who has the Runs for having us on his blog.  We have enjoyed his interviews with other runners and are thrilled to be on his site.  Want to find out a little more about us – Click here to see our interview on “Who Has The Runs”. […]

Jeff’s Post – It Happens!

I’ve been running long enough to know that every once in a while you won’t have your best running day.  Early on when I had a bad running day I would either stop my run or continue and let the feeling of the bad run linger.  This morning I had one of those “blah” treadmill […]

Jeff’s Post – My Running Buddy!

I’ve talked about running with Tamara but I haven’t discussed my other running buddy.  The truth is that Tamara and I rarely get to run together (a few times a month if we are lucky).  My other running partner is my adorable beagle mix “Teddy”.  He doesn’t actually run with me but he will sit […]

Jeff’s Post – January Fog!

It has been a strange weather month so far in Maryland.  We have had spring like weather and hints of winter.  I have 5 outside runs in the books so far, definitely not typical for early January (The treadmill spoils me a bit and in the winter months – I’m more of a fair weather […]

Jeff’s Post – Good Morning St. Mary’s City!

Tamara and I had one of those fun Sunday runs this morning.  We decided to take advantage of the great Maryland weather (feels like Spring!) and go for a combination road trail run through beautiful St. Mary’s City, MD.  We only went 4.3 miles but it was one of those memorable runs when we were […]