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Jeff’s Post – The Running Couple!

As I finished a strong 6 miles on the treadmill this morning I couldn’t help but think of how lucky, proud and thankful I am to have Tamara in my life.  We are a running couple and I love that we are in that category.  It is amazing how many “running” memories we have made.  […]

Jeff’s Post- Running Smarter!

I still struggle at times with when to push and when to listen to my body.  I vowed in 2012 to run smarter and I’m happy to say that I’ve been doing that so far but it isn’t always easy.  Take this morning as an example.  I took Sunday off after a 16 mile double […]

Jeff’s Post – A Double – A Run for Sherry!

Running has been my friend this week – I feel like it literally kept me from losing my mind on a few occasions.  I’m better all the way around when I get to run.  When I’m feeling stressed I want to run, when I’m mad I want to run, when I’m sad I want to […]

Jeff’s Post – Time to Run!


Jeff’s Post – A Day of Rest is a Good Thing!

I woke up yesterday feeling as tired as I’ve ever felt.  I’m finally getting over a cold I’ve been dealing with for weeks and I think it just caught up to me.  I got up, ate breakfast and then did the unthinkable – I went back to bed for an hour.  Last year I would […]