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Jeff’s Post – Happy Birthday Tamara! – You are Only Getting Better!

When you are a runner and you have birthdays they are typically followed by the question – So are you in a new age group?  Well, I’m not going to ask that question or mention any age groups because Tamara has full power to delete this post.  What I will mention is that Tamara is […]

Tamara’s Post – Rock ‘n Roll USA 1/2 Marathon Review!

I didn’t feel overly confident going into this race – my training had been really good speed and mileage wise, but for some reason the motivation wasn’t there. I was happy we decided to stay in DC, even though we only live 1 1/2 hours away – we arrived in DC Friday morning and hit […]

Jeff’s Post – Rock n Roll USA Numbers Recap!

Tamara and I will both be doing race reports later in the week but I wanted to throw a few numbers out there first.  As you can see by the results below Tamara rocked this race.  She came in 1000 place out of 16291 runners and 16th place in her division.  I’m happy that I […]

Jeff’s Post – Tamara Rocks her Run!

So proud of Tamara today.  She passed me at mile 12 and went on to PR by over 3 minutes.  We both finished in 1:42 and she beat me by around 30 seconds.  A great day and a great run for us.  More details later!

Jeff’s Post – Good Morning DC – I’m Up #RnRUSA #RnRDC!

4:10 wake-up call this morning.  We are spending the weekend in DC and I probably could have slept a little later but I’m trying to stick to my normal routine – All about the routine you know!  Princess – I mean Tamara is just getting up.  Our next stop Metro (Tamara mapped everything out last […]