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Jeff’s Post – Oh What a Feeling!

We all have reasons why we run.  I have many but I keep going back to one thing.  The great feeling and sense of accomplishment I have when I finish a run.  It really doesn’t matter if it is a short fast run or a nice weekend long run.  The feeling at the end is […]

Jeff’s Post – Weekend Recap – Nine – Thirteen – Out of Gas!

I’m happy putting 47.7 miles in the books last week.  This is my highest total in a few months and for the most part I feel good.  Last week was treadmill runs (10K a day) Monday thru Thursday, Friday off and outdoor runs on Saturday and Sunday.  I’m one of the event organizers for […]

Tamara’s Post – I’m a Mommy First – a Runner Second…

I can’t seem to find time to blog…the craziness of life gets in my way…and when I do find time I seem to always write about my Mommy issues/stories…so here goes another… I’ve been struggling recently with getting my early morning runs in. My 7 year old has been waking up way too early (before […]

Jeff’s Post – Missing the Bling!

Rock and Roll Las Vegas was the last time I was able to put some new bling around my neck.  I’m itching to add to my collection.  Today is the first day of March, the days are getting longer and I’m ready to race!  Looking forward to Rock and Roll USA in just 16 days. […]