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Marine Corps Marathon – The Ultimate Spectator’s Race! #37thMCM

I was extremely excited to be taking my 7 year old (soon to be 8 on Halloween – today!) with us to D.C. to watch Jeff run the Marine Corps Marathon last weekend. Jeff and I often take running trips without her so this was the first time where I could relax and hang out […]

Jeff’s Post Marathon #1 3:58 – Marathon #2 3:58 – Marathon #3 3:58 – Really??

Let me begin by saying we had a great weekend in DC.  This was my first Marine Corps Marathon and it was all I expected it to be – well almost (I’ll get to that in a minute).  It was great to see Marines everywhere and the sense of patriotism and pride was evident everywhere.  […]

Jeff’s Post – Marine Corps Marathon – Pre Race

It is Marine Corps Weekend and I’m sitting in the hotel room overlooking the Pentagon and I will admit I have a bit of cabin fever.  I don’t do well sitting still but I have forced myself into sequester for the afternoon (Tamara and Samantha are shopping).  I have always felt that I’ve walked too […]

Jeff’s Post – Army Ten Miler Recap

When I last left you we had just returned from the Army Ten Miler Expo and I was looking for Pizza!  Well we found Pizza and had a nice dinner with some friends on Saturday Night.  I also mentioned in my prior post that I wasn’t sure what kind of pace we would be running […]

Army Ten Miler!

Tamara and I are in Arlington this weekend to run the Army Ten Miler.  Just got back form the Expo.  The parking/traffic was a bit of a cluster but the Expo was well organized.  Now I need to find pizza for dinner!  Not sure what kind of pace we are looking at tomorrow.  I’ve got Marine Corps next […]