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Jeff’s Post – Loved my first Trail ½ Marathon

Update – Many Race Pics have been posted – Check them out here! Not sure what inspired me to sign up for the Dahlgren Trail ½ Marathon a few months ago but I’m glad that I did and I look forward to running another trail race.  This was a great starter trail race, mostly flat, […]

My iPod – My Crutch & Sweetheart 4 Miler Race Review

Last Sunday (2/10) Jeff and I headed to Fredericksburg, Virginia to run the Sweethearts 4ever 4 Miler. The drive takes us a little over an hour – and with a 10am start, we had plenty of time. About 20 miles into the drive, horror swept over me as I realized I left my beloved iPod […]

Almost Wordless Wednesday – Couples Prize!

Happy Wednesday!  Tamara and I took home our first couples prize (2nd place) at the Sweetheart 4 miler race in Fredericksburg, VA!  Yeah!!                   And then we went to see Bon Jovi!