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Jeff’s Post – Marathon # 5 In the Books! #38thMCM

Mission Almost Accomplished – Marathon #5 is done.  The stats 3:56 – My second fastest marathon time and 2 minutes better than my Marine Corps Marathon last year.  Still working on putting a complete 26.2 together.  I’m pretty darn good up until mile 18ish or so.  Things seemed so crowded this year and I was behind from the start and really […]

Time to Get Motivated!

Now I gotta write, Jeff’s post made me feel lazy…I mean, it motivated me… For the past several months every time I started to write it turned into a sob story where I would whine about how terrible it was to be me because my ITBS injury was preventing me to run like I used […]

Jeff’s Post – #MCM2013

Hello my friends… has been way to long.  Tamara and I started our journey towards Marine Corps 2013 here – it was going to be a joint effort but that wasn’t in the cards.  I’m happy to report that after months of hard work, frustration and yes, some tears Tamara is well on her way […]