Jeff’s Post – Find Your Wall? – Crush It!

As I get closer to my marathon I hear the occasional “Wall” story.  I’m aware that it could be there but I try not to focus on it and I’m confident all my training will help me avoid it.  The wall to me represents many things and I always have the same attitude towards those things “Crush It”!  Two years ago my wall was running 10 minutes or so on the treadmill – Next it was a 5k, then a 10k, then a 10 miler, then a ½ marathon, coming up a marathon and who know what I will Tri :) next.

I have also faced a few “Walls” outside of running but I have always taken the same approach.  I may not be the smartest or the fastest in the room and the wall may occasionally knock me down.  But I WILL work harder, I WILL work smarter, I WILL pick the taller wall and I WILL Crush it!!

So whatever your wall – dig down deep – stay confident and CRUSH it!

Oh- my run today – A great 10 miles on the treadmill – I crushed it!

Have a great day and go for a run or walk if you get a chance!