Are YOU honking at ME?!

Everyone was staring at me on my run this afternoon – every driver and every passenger in every car. I was getting creeped out. I looked down twice to make sure I had shorts on – I did. And then came a few waves. Do you know me? Really people, stop staring! Seriously, now cars are honking?! Over a mile stretch I had 3 cars honk at me – as they were staring. People, you are starting to freak me out. I look down at my shorts again – yup, they are still on. The staring continued for most of my 6 mile run.

During my years of running I have been honked at many times – and yes, I always wonder why they are honking. Hmm…and yes, I have occasionally honked at my runner friends if I see them out running – but I really try to make sure they are looking and see that it is me. I have never just randomly honked at a runner…

I was running alone today – maybe that was it – maybe they were just saying “Hi”. Fat chance. I’ve had people throw things at me before – cans one time. Years ago when I was running alone, I even had a guy on a motorcycle and ask me if I wanted to join him at a party that night – now that one freaked me out!

Today, it was just stares, waves, and honks… As I near the end of my run I decide they must all recognize me…from work, from my daughter’s school…yeah, they must know me…but then it hits me! I’m running in my new shoes – my Newton’s! Yes, that must be it – they are all admiring my shoes and I must be looking fast and serious! Yup – that’s it!!!


My Newton’s – Admit it – they are gorgeous!!!


There is an explanation for everything – and I’m so glad I figured this one out!

Honk on people!