Such a Great Feeling!!

After a huge delay in blogging – and an injury that has kicked my butt – I ran 5 miles today outside. Quick recap: I was so pumped for the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) last October. I just knew I was gonna break a 4:00. After a late (yup, my fault) trek to the start […]

Are YOU honking at ME?!

Everyone was staring at me on my run this afternoon – every driver and every passenger in every car. I was getting creeped out. I looked down twice to make sure I had shorts on – I did. And then came a few waves. Do you know me? Really people, stop staring! Seriously, now cars […]

Marine Corps Marathon – Kids Race & Spectator Review

Warning – this is a LONG post! “It’s okay if I’m not first – right, Mommy?” Samantha asked me about 15 minutes prior to her heat for the Healthy Kids Run last Saturday, 10/26. I smiled. Yup, I realize she is competitive by nature – but she is also competitive because she sees how Jeff […]

Time to Get Motivated!

Now I gotta write, Jeff’s post made me feel lazy…I mean, it motivated me… For the past several months every time I started to write it turned into a sob story where I would whine about how terrible it was to be me because my ITBS injury was preventing me to run like I used […]

Spectator-Cheerleader Review of St. Michael’s Running Festival ½ Marathon

I should be tired – I should be exhausted – I should be staring at my medal with pride…but I’m not – because I was not a runner yesterday at the St. Michael’s Running Festival ½ Marathon…however, I was a spectator and a cheerleader…that must count for something?! Honestly I was not thrilled at all […]