Bringing Back the Motivation…

As reluctant as I was to sign up for two half marathons already this year (March & May), I am now very happy with my decisions! I need the push of knowing that I have to prepare for a race to get me motivated to get back into serious running after months of eating too much and running too little.




We were lucky to have a great outdoor running day yesterday and so began my spring training. The chill of winter was upon us as we headed into the wind on a sunny, 36 degree day. I was not only excited to have found the time to run outside (thank you Ramona & Jimmy!) but I was also excited about my new hat!

My clearance find at Target kept my ears warm (I hate ear wraps) and it was fashionable from a running perspective (although I notice now it doesn’t match my running attire)…and now that I upload the picture, I think my shadow is better looking than the actual picture…

We ran a steady (but not too fast) pace for 6 miles – which was enough for me but Jeff ran 2 more after I finished. I am satisfied with my running progress and don’t feel I lost too much over the holidays…I’m a bit slower, but I am ready and motivated to prepare for my upcoming Spring races! Ok, Winter – I am done with you…go away!