Can I Count the Miles I Run in My Dreams?!

My knees were achy yesterday after my 11 mile treadmill run on Sunday. I took an advil before I went to bed in hopes that by morning I would feel ready for a run. I was ready alright, all night I dreamt I was running…and my knees hurt in the dream and I wanted to stop by somehow couldn’t get off the treadmill. When I got up at 330 to let my dogs out (don’t ask), my knees felt worse! This has happened to me before, I dream about running and it feels like a real workout! So I took another advil…yes, Jeff I masked the pain so I could run. I felt better at 430 and managed a 5 mile run. My knees feel so much better today, but now I am afraid to shut my eyes in fear of another long night of running! Can I count these miles??