Tamara’s Post – Rock ‘n Roll USA 1/2 Marathon Review!

I didn’t feel overly confident going into this race – my training had been really good speed and mileage wise, but for some reason the motivation wasn’t there. I was happy we decided to stay in DC, even though we only live 1 1/2 hours away – we arrived in DC Friday morning and hit […]

Jeff’s Post – Rock N Roll Las Vegas ½ Marathon Review – A Tale of Two Races!

Wow this is way longer than I wanted it to be – I have broken it up in sections so you can read what you like! As I write this Tamara and I are in the air on our way home to Maryland.  We are three days removed from our last big race of the […]

Confessions of a First Time Marathoner!

Sorry for the length of this post! First off let me start by saying I am now a Marathoner and I couldn’t be happier with that fact.  I am proud to join the approximately 1% -2% of people who will ever run a Marathon and I WILL Marathon again by the way!  On Saturday, October […]