Finally Got the 3:58 Marathon Monkey off my Back!

We are heading home from a great running weekend in Virginia Beach.  I’m thrilled to report that I finally broke my 3 marathon 3:58 streak finishing in 3:46.  I still feel like I was capable of faster but I’ve struggled at different points during my first three marathons and I would be lying if I said that didn’t creep into my mind at times.  My goal for this race wasn’t the 3:30 P1090886that I have been shooting for in all the others it was to run a smart race and to push through the pain and I feel like I did both in not completely ideal conditions( it was cold and windy!).  The marathon has been such a learning experience for me and I feel like I did some things really well at Shamrock.  My main focus now is to figure out the last 6 miles.  I’m so good until mile 20 and was again at Shamrock but slowed by a minute or so the last six miles.  On my way out the door I exchanged a few tweets with Harold from A Veteran Runnah – He wished me well and told me to trust my training – I thought of that a few times on the course when I was questioning how I felt.  I’m also proud of one other small detail.  This is the first marathon I didn’t walk at any point.  Seems a bit crazy to even say that but I had a few small walk breaks in my first two marathons (all mental) and I had to walk a few miles at Marine Corps (That was entirely physical – I could hardly walk!).  I really am more motivated than ever to continue to push and reach my full potential.

I will recap my run and the event in more detail later this week.  I will also let Tamara post about her run but lets just say she rocked her 1/2.

P1090962 P1090965




  1. Congrats on finally beating 3:58! It was great to meet you and Tamara on Saturday. Can’t wait to hear how her race went.

    • Thanks David – Great to meet you too! We enjoyed the weekend and hope to catch up with you down the road. BTW – We were both rocking the #runchat tats…


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