Hospice 5K Race Review

I’m a little late in posting, but really wanted to give a recap of this race – so here it goes!

April 13th was our local annual Run for Hospice 5K/10K race. Jeff is one of the race organizers so he was was busy for weeks prior to the event making sure everything was in order – and yes, I completely respect the race organizers! This is a large event with close to 2,000 participants that goes off without a hitch year after year…at least from my point of view!

I have mixed feelings about this race – I have been running it for years…and I think I have almost always placed in my age group in the 5K – which means I get nervous as heck worried I am not gonna place! Luckily this year they added 5 year age groups – bad news was that I had only run 2-3 miles total in the three weeks prior to the race due to a knee issue I acquired after the Marine Corps 17.75K (thank you MCM, for that “brutal” course!). So…I did what any crazy runner would do – I took 2 Advil :45 before the race – I had to run this!

The weather was in the low 50s, the sun was out, and the wind was almost non-existent as we lined up at the starting line. I was feeling anxious, but soon relaxed when I found my running friend Suzanne who is also my competition. We have been racing for over 15 years, we are competitive (but she is faster), and we tend to just see who feels the best (typically that is her!). As we crossed the start line I could tell it wasn’t going to be me that led us – I followed close behind my running friend and kept her within 5-10 feet of me. We hit mile 1 at 7:20ish, “that’s pretty decent” I thought. As we wound through the quaint little historic street in downtown Leonardtown I suddenly felt my knee pain – ugh…it was a dull pain, and I knew I could push through it. There is a pretty steep descent just prior to mile 2 which is immediately followed by an uphill – which I can honestly say felt like a cake walk after the monster hills at the Marine Corps 17.75K!

Me and Suz!

Me and Suz!

As we wound our way back through downtown we could see the hundreds (looked like thousands!) of walkers behind us – I love looking for people I know to occupy my time! I immediately saw my sister and my niece running/jogging! I was so shocked and happy for them! I wasn’t sure if they would walk or run – so I was excited to see how fast they would finish the race. I saw several other people I know – a few hollered my name and I heard a few say “is that Tamara?”. Suzanne and I ran together for the last ½ mile and chatted for a bit (yup, sure sign of a non-PR!). We knew this was definitely one of our slower 5Ks and neither of us had it in ourselves to push it today. We each egged the other to go ahead, but neither of us did…we finally agreed to cross the finish line together and let the timing company figure out which one of us was first since we are in the same age group! We finished in 23:02, I know – nothing to sneeze at, but really not the time either of should be running right now.The post-race brunch was spread out and people were enjoying their stuffed ham sandwiches, bagels, pasta salad, soup, cookies, bananas – just to name a few things. I didn’t have time to eat – I had to go find my sister, niece, and Jeff who was on the 10K course. I was pleasantly surprised when my niece crossed in 34:22 (in front of my sister!) and her mom finished in 35:40 – which was a PR for both of them! Maybe they will be hooked?!

I walked down to the corner to wait for Jeff – I saw a friend of ours, Jay, whom is typically a few minutes in front of Jeff…hmmmm….wait, there he is! I could barely see the clock – the time looked good for him and he was definitely looking strong! We were able to mill around the brunch while the results were being compiled. My time ended up being 1 second faster (according to the tag times) then my friend Suzanne, so I got 1st in our age group, she got 2nd! I’ll take it…even thought I paced off her the entire time! Jeff also ended up with a medal for placing in his age group – so it was a great race for both of us! Even as I realized shortly after that I shouldn’t have run it – my knee issues were still there…bummer…but…I got a medal!

My sis, niece, & me...

My sis, niece, & me…

Winners! Well, sort of...

Winners! Well, sort of…

My sis posing...love this pic!
My sis posing…love this pic!