Jeff’s Daily Post – A Run Day is a Good Day!

A Run Day is a Good Day – I kept telling myself that as I struggled on my treadmill run this morning.  I didn’t feel horrible but just didn’t have the energy.  A year ago I would have stopped my run and tried again the next day.  Maybe that is the right thing to do but I actually enjoy the runs that don’t come easy.  They are not fun while you are in the midst of the struggle but I love being able to overcome the mental and physical challenges you face on those days you just don’t feel the best.  My 8.5 miles today weren’t the easiest but the last 3 miles were easier than the first 5 and anytime that happens I’m happy.

Have a great day and remember “A Run Day is a Good Day!


  1. Cool, did you draw that pic? No wonder I beat you to work…hahahaha!!