Jeff’s Daily Post – Bike and Weights

I’m taking the day off from running today.  My right foot has been bothering me a little over the last week so I decided to give it a rest.  The Baltimore 10 miler is this Saturday so I’m thinking I will run Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – take Friday off run the race on Saturday and take Sunday off.  My mileage was a bit lower last week (49.4 vs 60.6 the week before).  I lowered the mileage intentionally and added a few more bike rides.  Not a complete day off for me today though – 6.12 miles on the bike trainer and a ½ hour on weights.

Music note – When I’m on the bike trainer and lifting weights I normally watch Jump Start on VH-1.  Tamara turned me on to this and it helps me keep up with all of the music the 17 year olds (and Tamara) are listening to.  The show description is “Have some coffee and snappy music videos each morning with VH1. We will keep you humming all day long”.  Lately it seems like every time I turn it on the Lazy Song by Bruno Mars is playing.  The song is very catchy and I like it but a song that starts out with the lyric “Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed” isn’t the most motivating song in the world – Good thing I’m mentally tough and not easily influenced by others.  Have a great day!