Jeff’s Daily Post – Do I blame the cake or the bike?

Tough 8.5 miles on the treadmill this morning. My legs felt like grape jelly during the entire run. I took yesterday off from running because I wanted to give my legs a break but I can’t take an entire day off so I rode 6 miles on the bike trainer. That was actually the second day in a row that I rode my bike (rode 13 miles on Sunday). Did the bike make my legs tired? I think that could be the cause – my legs always feel a bit different after a few days on the bike. Or were my legs tired from all of the running back and forth to the refrigerator to get more of Mom’s birthday cake?  Tamara made this very tasty cake and mom gave me a sizeable chunk to bring home on Sunday.  Who knows but I’m hoping the legs are better tomorrow. My foot still hurts a bit but I’m going to ignore it until after the Baltimore 10 miler on Saturday.

Today is Flag Day and Mom’s official birthday – Happy Flag Day and Happy Birthday Mom!