Jeff’s Daily Post – Hope this will be over soon!

I’m off work for the next few days so I get to run outside – yeah – I think!  I went out bright and early this morning (5:30am) so I could get my sunrise outdoor run in.  The first thing I notice is wow it is humid outside.  I guess that is one benefit of treadmill running (the temperature in my basement is always perfect).  I knew I was in trouble with my first step.  The humidity really didn’t bother me that much but my legs felt like bricks again!!!  I was hoping they would loosen up after a mile or so but I had nothing.  I kept pushing along and finished a short 4.5 miles.  I really haven’t had a great run in a few weeks and I’m not sure what is causing it.  My foot is still bothering me a bit and that may be playing a part.  All I know is that I’m determined to keep pushing through this little slump and hope that it will be over soon.  Have a great day!!