Jeff’s Daily Post – I’m Bringing Sexy Back!

I’m always trying to think of a blog post when I’m running.  This morning I was listening to the radio and the Justin Timberlake song “I’m Bringing Sexy Back” came on.  It made me smile for a few reasons.  First, I could see Tamara dancing and singing to it.  Second, I thought it would be a gratuitous way to bring some new readers over to the blog.  So if you are here for the first time thank you – please come back.  I was also thinking that there are many reasons that I run and one reason I run is to “Bring Sexy Back” or at the very least maintain sexy – or maybe I’m running to try to find sexy.  Who knows, but what I do know is when I run I feel better both mentally and physically and when you feel good about yourself you have “Brought Sexy Back”!

Wow – Did I just write this post!!  8.5 strong miles this morning.

Have a great day!