Jeff’s Daily Post – I’m listening

I was listening to a bunch of things on my run this morning. I was listening to The Avett Brothers and State Radio (love both of these bands) on my new iPod Nano (a replacement for the one that broke a few weeks ago). I was listening to Teddy (my adorable Beagle mix) barking when he lost his ball under the treadmill at about mile 2. More importantly, I was listening to the little voice in my head (or was that Tamara?) that said your legs are tired so don’t run so much this morning. After arguing back and forth with that little voice I decided to listen and stop at 6.25 miles. My legs were tired and I’m not very good at taking days off so I thought it would be best. As I stopped I was also thinking that I left a few extra miles in the tank for some weekend runs ☺. Have a great day!