Jeff’s Daily Post – Mile Count and Balance

Happy Thursday -Another running day (morning) in the books.  I decided last night that I would reduce my mileage this morning.  My foot is still bothering me a little.  I rolled it on a frozen bottle of water last night and it really did feel better this morning.  I’m so driven but I’m trying to be smart and I’m forcing myself to reduce my mileage a little.  I keep telling myself I’m running a marathon (literally – I’m running a Marathon) and I want to make it there in tip top shape so trying to find the balance to stay healthy and stay in shape is my challenge (I accept that challenge btw!).  So back to the run this morning – My goal was 6.5 miles and boy did those miles go slow.  I try not to stare at the display on the treadmill but this morning I think I was looking at every ¼ mile.  Once I got to 6.5 I found it hard to stop – I literally had to talk myself off the treadmill at 7 miles.  I wanted to run more but I reminded myself (and heard Tamara’s voice in my ear) that I need to find a balance.

Today’s soundtrack – The Avett Brothers – Love the Avett Brothers!

Have a great day!