Jeff’s Daily Post – My Old Blue Chair!

The Kenny Chesney concert that I recorded on GACTV is still in heavy rotation on my treadmill entertainment schedule.  When you run as many treadmill miles as I do you need to keep yourself entertained and I’m liking the Kenny concert at the moment.  During the concert he sings a song called “Old Blue Chair”.  The song is basically about a comfortable place where he has pondered life and he sings about that nothing compares to the way that he sees it when he sits in that old Blue Chair.

When I hear that song and a few of the lyrics I think of running and the treadmill as my “Old Blue Chair”.   Like a trusted old friend running has been there for me.  I’ve looked at my life, where it is going and where is has gone while running.  Nothing compares to the way that I see the world like my running friend.

8 miles this morning – Have a great day!