Jeff’s Daily Post – Sometimes I’m motivated by my after run treat!

Better start this morning – Only hit the snooze once an improvement from the double snooze yesterday.  I wasn’t sure how many miles I would go today so I decided I would just see how I felt.  Most days my goal is to get in at least 6 miles and then decide at mile 6 how much further I want to go.  My legs felt a little tired this morning so I decided to play it safe at stop at 6.5.  I’m happy with that.

Yesterday I talked about my pre-run routine so today I will share my post-run.  During the week all of my runs are on the treadmill.  I like to get in at least 15 minutes of weights each day so that is what I do immediately after my run.  Then upstairs to drink a Gatorade G2 (love those things) and then for my treat that at times motivates me to finish my run (I only allow myself one if I run) – my whey protein/banana shake – so good and so refreshing after a good workout!