Jeff’s Daily Post – Treading through History!

I was both excited and a bit sad this morning when I woke up.  Excited because I was going to be able to watch the space shuttle land, sad because I’m sorry the shuttle program is over.  I grew up with the shuttle and never grew tired of watching it take off or land.  I remember where I was during both good and bad times.  So on the treadmill this morning (at about mile 7) I got to see Atlantis land for the last time.  I love that I was able to watch it.  So if anyone asks me 20 years from now if remember what I was doing when the shuttle landed for the last time I will be able to tell them that I was a young 40 in the middle of my daily treadmill run – a good memory!

An easy 8.5 miles this morning – Have a great day!!