Jeff’s Daily Post – Two in One!

I didn’t post yesterday so I today I will combine two days in one.  Yesterday to cheering crowds I finished the 1st Annual 4th of July 13.5 miler in beautiful Southern Maryland.  Hmmmm, I might have been imagining the cheering crowds.  Actually it was a very quiet run, no water stops, no cheering crowds, just me and a lonely country road.  I ran 13.5 miles on Saturday so I wasn’t sure how I would feel with long runs so close together but I felt good.  I really would like to get a 16-20 mile run in but I tend to do better if I just let those runs happen and not try to plan them.  This morning I woke up tired but the legs felt good so hit the treadmill for another 8.5 miles.  A good start to the week!  Today’s soundtrack – Bon Jovi!

Have a great day!