Jeff’s Daily Post – Why Rest?

Today is August 8th and my last day off from running/biking was June 26th.  I never know what to do about days off.  I’ve read that I should rest and Tamara tells me that I should rest.  I will take a day off soon (I think) but I’m really just letting my body tell me when I should take a break and right now I feel good.  So I will continue to listen to my body and as long as I feel good I’m going to go with that!

Soundtrack today – Kenny Chesney concert on GACTV.  I’ve never seen one of Kenny’s concerts in person but hope to some day – Full of energy and fun to run to!

8.5 Strong miles today – Have a great day!



  1. You continue to impress me…don’t know how you do it with no rest days…you are a machine! I see a rest day in your future too…unless you run beside the car on our upcoming long vacation drive! :) Which, I’m not opposed to you doing btw.