Jeff’s Post – 26.2 Done – What’s Next?????

I didn’t start running to run a marathon and a marathon was never one of those things on my bucket list.  I started running to improve my level of fitness and very early on fell in love with the joy of running.  The marathon was just a natural progression that allowed me to push my mind and body further than I ever thought I could – An amazing feeling by the way.

So what is next? – I have some things planned and will share them soon.  My initial goal is to maintain and improve my marathon level of fitness.  I want to be stronger, I want to run faster, I want to run further.  I want to continue to strengthen my mind and body – So stay tuned! – Thank you for being a part of my journey – it motivates me!

8 Treadmill miles this morning – Really feeling good 3 days post marathon.

Have a great day and go for a run if you can!

Tweeting and Facebooking Post Race!!


  1. Love this pic! So serious about tweeting your results! Or were you tweeting bout the free beer!? :)