Jeff’s Post – 5K Madness??

I needed some things to heal after my Marathon training so I’ve definitely reduced my mileage the past few weeks.  I haven’t had a run longer than 6 miles (that might change tomorrow morning – we will see!) and honestly it has been a bit refreshing.  I still have a 1/2 marathon looming in the distance on December 2nd (Annapolis) so I can’t scale back too much and I don’t want to but I will be adding more rest days and cross training to my mix over the next few weeks.  I”m not looking to break any records at the Annapolis 1/2.  I really signed up for that race to keep me focused on fitness, I want to stay at least 1/2 marathon fit (if that makes any sense).

So what have I been doing/plan to do in between that??  I’m going to run some 5k’s.  Tamara and I each help direct a few local races.  My race supports Hospice ( and Tamara’s race benefits the local Special Olympics.  Tamara’s race was this past weekend and I was on a 2 year winning streak in my age group.  I really went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to run it this year.  Those of you who have been following for a while know that I’m not a 5k fan.  But the lure of competing won over and I decided to give it a go….and guess what…..I won my Age Group again (disclaimer…the 40-49 age group is tough in this area and the “fast runners” weren’t there….so that helped).  I ran a 20:54 (a minute off my PR – I blame the horrific headwind on the way back).  One of the reasons I decided to run is that I really really need to incorporate more speed work and this is just one way to accomplish that.  I want to get faster and I’m committed to do that.  I’m so committed that Tamara and I signed up for another 5k on Thanksgiving.  This race in Fredericksburg, VA used to be a Thanksgiving tradition for Tamara, I’m happy to see the tradition is starting again.  So, in the course of a week,  I will run more 5k’s than I typically do in a year and I have one more left in December.  I still won’t be a fan of the 5k but I want to push the “uncomfortable” feeling a bit and hopefully turn a speed corner!

Have a great day and Happy Running!



  1. 5ks are hard! Gimme a 10 miler over a 5k any day! Nice job though. I agree with you, it is good to feel that ‘pain’ and push through.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jessica! I ran 10 miles on the treadmill this morning, much easier than that 5k! Maybe you should come out and run a 5k on Thanksgiving :)