Jeff’s Post – A Bit of a Running Wreck!

A bit of a running wreck is how I would describe my running lately.  Left shin hurts, right calf hurts, head hurts, back hurts, I feel like I weigh 1000 pounds – I’m a piece of work.  I’m trying to limit my whining to Tamara.  She typically isn’t in the mood to hear about all my problems at 4:30am when she is on the treadmill and trying to get the remote control to work on the television.  Strangely, I’m not worried too much at the moment.  I’ve been running long enough now that I try to limit my panic over how good or bad I feel during or after a run.  I’m still a little worried about my shin but I’m doing my best to work that out.  I’m really enjoying the new Elliptimill as it has provided me an alternative to running when I need it and I’ve needed it the last few days.  I definitely feel like I’ve gotten a good workout when I’m done.

I hope to get a longer run in this weekend.  It might be on the treadmill or a trail to keep some of the pounding off my legs.  I know that elusive good run is out there and when I find it I know it will make me Happy, Happy, Happy.  Ok, Couldn’t help but add a Duck Dynasty quote there.  My father got me hooked on that show during the Holiday and yes I watched a few more episodes during my workout this morning.

Have a great day and Happy Running!