Jeff’s Post – A Double – A Run for Sherry!

Running has been my friend this week – I feel like it literally kept me from losing my mind on a few occasions.  I’m better all the way around when I get to run.  When I’m feeling stressed I want to run, when I’m mad I want to run, when I’m sad I want to run and when I’m happy I want to run too!  I actually had a pretty good running week ending with 43 miles and that was with two days off.

I knew that Tamara and I wouldn’t get to run this weekend so I started Saturday morning off with a 10 mile treadmill run.  It felt good to run semi-long again.  After my morning run I went to my home office to do some work and realized that Saturday was the day for a virtual run for Sherry Arnold.  For those who don’t know the story, Sherry Arnold was a school teacher and mother who was abducted and killed in Sidney, Montana while out on her morning run (more info here).  I have fallen in love with the running community and it is amazing to see how they all come together during difficult times.  We have all been out on those early morning or late night runs.  When you hear something like this it hits close to home.  I was determined to go out and run for Sherri so I decided to turn Saturday into a double.  I printed out my bib and this time decided I would run outside.  It was cold and it was windy but I managed a fairly quick 6 miles.  I didn’t know Sherry but thought of her and her family often while I was running.  I also thought about my perceived “difficult” week and this helped bring it all into perspective.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Sherry and her family.


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