Jeff’s Post – A New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone!  I officially just went through my longest non-blogging streak (going to fix that) and also my lowest mileage month in years (hope to fix that too).  A quick recap to get you up to speed.  In early December I finally went to the doctor to have my aching shin looked at.  I started with an x-ray and moved to an MRI and the results were actually better than I expected.  No stress fractures but a severe case of shin splints.  The doctor said she could refer me to an orthopedic or I could just take some time off and see how I feel.  I decided to take some time off – 13 days off to be exact.  Mentally, I needed to run and decided on day 14 to take a short run on the treadmill.  I was very pleased with how well I felt and added another run a few days later still feeling good.  As I type this I’m coming off a couple outside runs with Tamara and I may have pushed things a little too soon, my shin is killing me at the moment.  It is frustrating but I know that I need to find the right combination of rest and recovery and I plan on punishing my bike on the trainer and my new Landice Elliptimill to try to stay fit while limiting the pounding on my leg.2012-12-28_20-41-43_703  I’m also thrilled to have most of Tamara’s cookies out of the house so I can lose those few extra December pounds!

A quick recap of last year.  In 2012 I ran approximately 1890 miles (down about 350 miles from 2011).  This was part of a plan to reduce my mileage.  I PR’d in 3 distances (10k, 10 Mile and ½ Marathon).  I had hopes of breaking through in my marathon time but ended up running my 3rd straight 3:58.  I continue to learn valuable lessons in the marathon and improving in that distance continues to be a major focus for me.

Last year I went into a long list of goals for the year and I’m not doing that this year.  My #1 goal for 2013 stay healthy.  I also want to concentrate on improving my fitness.  I’m fit but I want to be beyond fit.  I will be cross training more and will have a renewed focus on my weight.  People tell me I look good at my current weight but I know that I run better about 15 pounds lighter.  I’m running my first spring marathon (Shramrock in VA Beach) in March.   That is all I’m worried about right now.  It will be a challenge to balance healing my shin and pushing my training but I’m up for the challenge and will be hoping for the best.

Happy New Year and Happy Running!



  1. I hope 2013 brings you great things! Let’s get together in March during Shamrock weekend.

    • Same to you David and Yes, would love to meet up with you during Shamrock. We will be ther a few days. I will be in touch – Jeff