Jeff’s Post – Annapolis 10 Miler (A10) Recap!

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This morning I ran the Annapolis 10 Miler for the first time. I actually signed up to run the race last year but for the first time in history the race was cancelled because of a hurricane. I was beginning to think it might happen again after some crazy weather. I signed up for this race earlier this year because I wanted to run it. I love Annapolis and I wanted more A10 swag. Tamara did it a few years back and she wasn’t interested in the heat or the hills. I can’t remember the last time she didn’t travel to a race with me so I knew that was going to be a bit strange.
Tamara and I went up on Saturday (after an 11 mile run) to pick up my race packet. I could tell she was a bit disappointed that she wouldn’t be racing once she got up there but I think this morning she was much more comfortable sleeping in as I made the 1 ½ hour trek to Annapolis in the pouring rain. I packed the car last night and was out of the door by 5:00. It was nice to have a little note from Tamara and Samantha waiting for me when I left. The entire drive was a mess, pouring rain the whole time.
I got up there no problem, parked and then pulled out my iPad and started starring at the radar. The rain wasn’t bothering me, all the lightning was. I was messaging Tamara, checking Facebook /Twitter and even found a little time to watch some Netflix to pass the time while it continue d to pour. I kept looking to the sky for a little relief but it wasn’t looking good. Then all of a sudden it seemed to clear a bit.
I stayed in my car until what I felt like was the very last minute around 7:25 for a 7:45 start race. I headed over to the porta-potty line and while I was in line I heard the National Anthem in the background. Normally being this late would have put me on full-tilt but not today. I wasn’t looking to push it too much in this race anyway but with the rain and everything else going on I suddenly felt such a sense of calm. This was going to be a fun run and it really was for me. I made it to the corral before the start and I tried to work my way up towards the front of the pack (not so good at that without Tamara) – I made it about ½ way (my finish time was 7:00 off from the gun time if that gives you any clue. At about mile two it was pouring and I mean pouring. I couldn’t help but smile, felt a little like running in a puddle when I was a kid. My shoes were full of water and my shirt was soaked. My shirt weighed a ton we so I ended up taking it off at around mile 3 (Funny/embarrassing running note: I had tape on my nipples and forgot about it until I just happened to catch a glimpse in a window – really hope there are no photos of that! – I think I was running with it for a few miles – ha!) The course was crowded and the miles just seemed to fly by as I was avoiding runners and puddles. The course was hilly but that didn’t even bother me today. I finished the race strong with a time of 1:19 (about 7 minutes off my best 10 mile time)….and I was happy with that. I really did have a great time and there were many times that I was taking it all in. I didn’t stay around for anything else – I grabbed my premium and my wash cloth and headed home.

Blogger/Runner note : I ended up meeting a fellow runner (Mary – outside the porta-potty – go figure) who has commented on our blog many times and has done a great job as she runs toward her first marathon (Baltimore) – Nice to meet you Mary – Keep it up!
Happy Running and remember it isn’t all about the PR it is about having fun and the joy of running!