Jeff’s Post – Army Ten Miler Recap

When I last left you we had just returned from the Army Ten Miler Expo and I was looking for Pizza!  Well we found Pizza and had a nice dinner with some friends on Saturday Night.  I also mentioned in my prior post that I wasn’t sure what kind of pace we would be running but I would be chasing Tamara – Little did I know!  After a short ride on the metro we made it to the race start with plenty of time to spare.  Tamara is totally opposite but I have become pretty relaxed on these race mornings.  I’m all about a routine and as long as I can stick to my routine I’m good.  The only minor issue we encountered race morning was crazy long lines at the porta-potty but we made it to the start line just in time.

Tamara and I talked pace a little and all she would say is that she wanted to break a 1:20.  Since this was my last training run prior to Marine Corps I decided that I would just stay behind her.  I didn’t want to push her pace and didn’t want her to feel any pressure from me.  Well….that didn’t happen.  As soon as they fired the cannon Tamara was off and I mean she was gone – didn’t even look back to see if maybe I tripped at the start – just gone.  My first thought was there went my leisurely run.  My second thought was there went my leisurely run :).  So I did what I do…. I chased her 9.90 miles through the streets of DC and then a funny thing happened.  I pulled up beside Tamara as we got close to the finish – She was about to PR with a 1:14 and as we approached the line a runner friend of ours tapped me on my shoulder, he was about to pass me and he was also about to set a PR.  We have a friendly competition going on so I looked at him and said “want to go” – He said sure – so we took off sprinting to the finish – I won by a few seconds and it was a fun way to finish a race.  I wanted to finish with Tamara but ended up getting caught up in the heat of the battle and took off at the end.  Really really not what I had planned but we were all thrilled with our finishes so it didn’t really matter.  Tamara did what she does – She rocked the course and set another PR.  We had a great time.

I’m in the midst of taper madness for Marine Corps.  I took today off but I plan on running on and off this week.  Nothing major, just enough to keep the legs loose.  I’m really looking forward to Marine Corps.  I feel as fit as I’ve ever been and mentally I couldn’t be stronger.  I have a ton of respect for the distance but I’m walking in with a swagger and I’m gonna bring it! – Stay tuned – I’m looking forward to sharing my journey!