Jeff’s Post – Back to Running – Thoughts of Richmond!

I had a good treadmill run this morning – another 6 miles and my second run post marathon.  I still have a slight ache on the bottom of my right foot so I’m trying not to push it but I’m also trying to ramp my mileage up a little.  With back to back tapers it feels like months since I have had a 50 mile week (actually think it has been months).  I will just take it one run at a time and see what I end up with.

I still find myself thinking of my last marathon in Richmond.  I need to find a way to continue to strengthen my body and mind so they will pick up each other when the other one is down instead of commiserating with each other.  Tamara tells me that will come with time.  You have heard me mention many times that Strong Mind + Strong Body = Strong Runner.  I will revise that a bit – Strong Mind + Strong Body, working as a team, towards one goal = Strong Runner!

Have a great day and go for a run if you get a chance  – you will be glad you did!

Almost there!